Finally, the strategy guide for life

Go from gamerbod to living god on the quest for the secret weapon that breaks the game.

This is Godmode.

Ready Player One

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    Brendan Hutchins

    Men's Wellness & Health Advocate

    Who's behind Godmode?

    Brendan tried every diet and exercise through decades trying to feel better in his body, and he took some hard paths to find the strategies and tools to regain his hit points. Then he lost 100 lbs without grinding in the gym. The answer was never outside, but within.

    Life can chose it's own difficulty setting, but with some knowledge and guidance, someone to tell us to try ^^vv <><> B A start, we can enter hard mode with 99 lives.

    What is Godmode?

    ✩ A method to break unhealthy habits by uncovering and demolishing their causes.

    ✩ A technique to understand and control emotions.

    ✩ A path to spiritual enlightenment - not religion, but spirit; the zest for life.

    ✩ The cheat code to a healthy body that rebuilds itself.